Armando’s keynote speeches will make you think twice before you classify speeches as boring rants that are the perfect time to doodle. Engaging‚ fun‚ thought-provoking– Armando’s audience are usually glued to their seats during his speaking assignments‚ and driven to take action when they leave it after the speech.

Armando’s speaking assignments are not just reserved for C–suite executives but entry–level candidates as well. Every C–level executive started out as an entry–level candidate after all. Armando believes in fostering these leadership qualities right from the get–go, so people feel empowered and capable of thinking like leaders. All great leaders have a story. Armando believes that the early days of the career are one of the best times to give life to these stories.

Two things that leaders have in common is taking initiative and making the right decision‚ both attributes do not come easy‚ but with experience. Armando believes in laying the foundation of leadership in people from their youthful days. He helps them develop the confidence so they can lead teams some day; so they learn to make choices that make a difference‚ and make a difference through their choices.

At the same time‚ Armando’s key-note speeches are just as relevant to the senior–level corporates who need actionable insights on leadership strategies and principles; to help successful leaders become even more successful. Armando–s decades of interaction with senior–level staff allows him to use real–world examples and wisdom while coaching C–suite executives. This way they can learn from these lessons and emerge as the top talents in the market without making the same mistakes. Higher roles mean bigger responsibilities‚ and Armando helps individuals make strategic moves to advance their career and business alike.

Armando combines his principles of leadership education with examples and exercises that not just simplify the subject matter‚ but also make it an interesting session to attend. As a dynamic personality‚ Armando has been invited for speaking assignments on many occasions‚ and occasions where the audience needs clarity on the language of leadership.

Every time Armando speaks‚ the room is filled with an honest‚ passionate‚ high–energy voice that brings with it the hope of chasing dreams‚ making life–turning changes and achieving what would otherwise seem impossible. Armando’s passion and purpose of helping people realize their goals‚ dreams and potential in life‚ stems from his strong Christian beliefs. He believes that by making others realize their purpose in life as his purpose‚ he can help them find more meaning in their lives‚ and happiness naturally follows. Armando’s talks are engaging‚ they do not just serve up the recipe to be a good leader‚ but leave you with thought–provoking statements that teach you how to think like a leader. It takes just one little step to transform your life. The question is‚ are you ready to take charge of your life?


Jennifer Shrugs / Ft. Lauderdale‚ Florida

Armando changed my life. Last year I felt like I was in a total rut and basically had no motivation. I attended one of Armando’s workshops and was inspired by him through his unrelenting faith. He helped me find a way to strive‚ but at my own pace. I am grateful for that.

Christian Velez / Miami‚ Florida

If I could describe Armando in two words they would be “passionate leader”. He is the type of person that is so inspired by life that by proxy you become inspired too. I would consider myself a leader in my office. Armando described the steps I needed to take to reach the next rung on the ladder. I was recently promoted and I know it was due to his guidance.

Charisse Walker / Miami‚ Florida

I always go out of my way to help people and felt disappointed when I didn’t receive the same kindness. Armando’s words gave me strength and helped me to see past that. The root of the problem is that I needed to work on myself and better myself before helping others do the same.

Harry Mercado / Chicago‚ Illinois

It’s amazing that Armando was able to surmount such enormous obstacles to reach his success today. His personal accounts inspired me to push harder and be motivated to excel rather than coast. His workshop stirred my soul and he helped me to see that I have the power to reach my highest potential.