A trainer‚ a law enforcement veteran‚ a motivational speaker‚ these are the many shoes that Armando D. Sotero Jr. has filled through the years. Today‚ Armando has over a decade’s experience as a motivational and leadership speaker‚ and trainer‚ around the globe. Armando uses his past experience in the tough law enforcement wing‚ his Doctoral level courses in Leadership‚ and decade of teaching leadership courses in higher education to inspire‚ motivate and train people to empower and lead.

Armando has acquired knowledge nuggets in leadership development and self–empowerment through years of interacting with leaders both locally and internationally. Law enforcement agencies‚ non–profit leaders‚ community leaders and small business owners have learned to capitalize on their strengths and expand their ventures under Armando’s guidance. His talks are filled with faith‚ wisdom‚ and unrelenting motivation alike‚ delivered through captivating stories‚ some from experience‚ others recounts of anecdotes. He reaches his audiences not just through public appearances and traditional podium speeches‚ but also online‚ through social media platforms‚ spreading the power of empowerment any which way possible.

Armando is informative and entertaining as he is energetic and inspiring. As one of the leading leadership experts in the world‚ Armando wants to help nurture a new nest of leaders. The unpredictable global market calls for leaders who can adapt to these changes and adapt new strategies on the go. It calls for leaders who can take the reign and steer it in the right direction‚ leveling the playing field‚ if not outdo the competitors. It does not need bosses who impose orders‚ but leaders who instill confidence. It does not need a boss who plays the blame game‚ but a leader who helps the team to correct mistakes and grow. It does not need a boss who works in the best of interest of themselves‚ but a leader who works in the best interest of the group. It is exactly these mentorship traits that Armando looks to foster in the leaders of tomorrow through his soul-stirring talks.

Armando gets his drive and inspiration from his strong Christian beliefs. It is these beliefs that fuel Armando to help others to uncover their gifts in life. Armando realizes that by leading people down a path where they are able to realize their potential‚ they will able to live with a greater sense of purpose. The wholesome happiness that you experience from unlocking your key strengths and purpose in life cannot be compared‚ and‚ in turn‚ reflects in every facet of the individual’s life.

“Passion” is one word that would aptly describe Armando’s conviction toward training‚ leadership and empowerment‚ unyielding‚ unending passion to be precise. Indeed‚ Armando meets hundreds upon hundreds of people and motivates them to face challenges in life head on‚ despite which‚ he never tires out or runs out of energy. Armando’s passion is contagious and his high–energy straight–from–the–heart‚ helps audiences question and make productive changes in their life‚ so they can reach their full potential.