Armando D


Motivational Speaker

Every person has untapped potential‚ every organization has high–potential individuals‚ but being successful is a matter of channeling and harnessing this energy‚ to be able to productively utilize it and reach goals. Armando D. Sotero Jr. is one of the most sought–after speakers‚ who has over 26 years of experience in law enforcement in the U.S.‚ over 10 years–experience teaching leadership courses in Higher Education‚ and now trains and motivates individuals in self–empowerment and leadership. Regardless of where you find yourself‚ putting in your best efforts and performing at your peak is all it takes to achieve outstanding results.

Often‚ lack of focus‚ fear‚ and/or doubt‚ makes us shift our eyes from the real goal‚ and from achieving our true potential‚ let alone reach new heights. Armando teaches to make the best of these challenging situations‚ so you can turn these obstacles in your favor– to learn and grow‚ and empower yourself.

Armando is a sought–out speaker in leadership strategies‚ personal development and organizational development from students in schools to professionals at the workplace. He has worked with entrepreneurs‚ community leaders‚ profit and non–profit organizations in the past to help them expand their horizons and reach new heights. With three decades of experience under the belt‚ Armando has gained a stronghold on the ins and outs of leadership. Through the years‚ Armando has not just studied the theoretical science behind successful leadership‚ but also collaborated with leaders from different walks of the industry to distinguish between what works on paper‚ and what works in real–life scenarios.

Armando’s talks are not just reserved for your professional life‚ but also any changes that you want to make in your personal life. Both facets of life are going to have their fair share of ups and downs‚ but a strong will can help conquer any challenge and capitalize on any positive opportunity that comes your way. Armando has been perceived as an iconic figure since the early days of his career; his conviction is palpable‚ his success well–deserved. Through numerous training drives and speech sessions‚ Armando has inspired and transformed the most ordinary people to extraordinary achievers. His faith‚ warmth‚ humor‚ charisma‚ experience‚ and story–telling skills have the power to help people to get beyond the realms of what is‚ to what can be. You would not expect anything less from someone who has worked in close quarters with some of the most influential people in organizations‚ or helped them become one.


“Moving people”. I want to take employees‚ customers‚ and those in the community and “move” them from their current position or circumstances to a better place.

Regardless of where YOU are in life (financially‚ professionally‚ emotionally‚ etc.), I want to move YOU to an improved situation. YOU have a gift and the world needs it.